Welcome to our new Website Delia!

It’s been a while in the making and a lot of work (a huge thanks to our resident website guru Dave Smeyers for his tireless and sleepless nights) but we’re up and running with the new Village website. It has a new layout and a fresh look. You can see on the home page we’re highlighting news, events and most of all the sights and people of Delia because that’s what we’re all about. The biggest thing to remember is that it’s a work in progress and we have a long way to go to get everything on there that we want. As well please keep in mind that it will always be changing with new content.

A couple of things we want to get to in the future are pages for all the businesses with new pictures and write ups of what they offer. We also want to have a page for each community group and facility to showcase what they do in the Village. If you’re part of a group or a business owner please watch as we’ll be asking for write ups and content to put on the site.

If you have events, news or suggestions of things that you would like on the site please get it to me at the office for now and we’ll start getting it on the page; the best way is by email: cao@delia.ca.

Keep checking back as we continue to add more stuff to the site and thanks for your patience while we get it tuned up!

Mark Nikota,

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