Message From The Mayor #5

Wow! The first part of March, and spring is in sight. Your Council continues to push ahead with carrying out the running of the Village. Good news there will be NO increase in the basic fees for the 2018 Utilities in Delia.

DOG OWNERS & DOGYDOO – Being the Mayor of Delia I receive on the average about two complaints per week about dog owners and their dogs. Every dog owner is responsible to license each and every dog they have on their property. Every dog owner while out walking their dogs must Scoop the Poop put in plastic bags and throw it in the garbage. No one wants to be walking in Poop or see it on our sidewalks and lawns. It looks bad, smells bad, and is a health risk. Come on dog owners consider your fellow citizens. Every dog owner must control their dogs at all times, and not allow them to run loose and unattended within village limits. Dog owners who do not have fenced yards must tie or secure their pets within the property. Thank You Dog Owners for looking after this problem.

Want to remind everyone of the Town Hall Meeting on Wednesday April 4, 2018 at 7:00 p.m., at the Delia Drop In Centre. Plan to attend.

David Sisley,

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