The Village has land and lots for sale. For development opportunities, please contact the office.

Some of our residential lots are in the Highland Subdivision which is located on the West side of Delia with a beautiful view. All of the lots are fully serviced. Delia is a safe and caring community and has all of the essential services including a K to 12 school. All it needs is you and your family!

For more information on the Highland Subdivision or any other land for sale, contact the Village Office at 403.364.3787 or email:

Lots for sale:

  • 112 Main Street – Commercial
  • 504 Highland Way (New Subdivision) – Residential Single
  • 508 Highland Way (New Subdivision) – Residential Single

Highland Drive Subdivision (North of the Seed Plant)

The Village is looking for interested developers or parties to discuss options to develop the area (approximately 7.25 acres) to the north of the seed cleaning plant. If anyone is interested and has ideas, please contact the Village office at 403-364-3787.

For more information on any of the listed property, please contact the Village Office  (403) 364-3787 or email:

Updated:  Aug 12, 2019

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