Important announcement!

Good afternoon!

Until further notice the village office will remain closed.

If there is any emergencies or any questions please feel free to reach out to David Sisley at 1-403-821-1057, Jordan Elliott at 1-403-741-8888 or Robyn Thompson 1-403-835-0257

Garbage pick up will resume back to normal hopefully on July 7 if all goes according to plan looking at the truck today. Please be patient with us as we are sorting everything out as for right now the garbage can still be put into the bins located at the public works shop until 8pm tonight.

If you have any issues taking your garbage please call us and something can be arranged. We will update when more information is available! Thank you again for all your patience


Garbage will also be allowed to be put in the bins until 8 pm tomorrow as well!

The water fill station is up and running!

Please continue to follow for more updates regarding anything else in the village!

Jordan Elliott

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