Delia Fire Department

The Delia volunteer fire department was established in 1915 with 14 members. Currently, there are 14 active members. The area of coverage of the Delia department is quite vast, extending 17 miles north, 15 miles south and 8 miles wide from the Village of Delia. The terrain of the Handhills with the steep hills and abundance of trees makes firefighting difficult.

The department runs with four vehicles, a 2010 Freight Mid Shipe Pumper, a 2008 Wildland Bush Truck, a 1991 Ford Rescue Unit and a 1976 Ford Tanker Truck equipped with a 1000-gallon water tank.

Chief Dallas Stevens
Deputy Chief Brian Heck
Captains Jeff Stel, Ed Pederson, Jeff Anderson


In 2018 two members were recognized for their length of service!!!
Mr. Don Nelson for 30 years and Mr. Rob Bancroft for 20 years!

Page Updated: Jan 15, 2019

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