(Delia Museum, St. Patrick’s Church)

The society’s purpose is to collect, preserve, exhibit and interpret those things historical in the community. Built in 1914 this building is an original two-room school. One room is restored as an original classroom while the other has local artifacts including a pre-1950’s display of historical photos of Delia & District and its’ people. They were pivotal in the role of restoring a circa 1913 gristmill to full operational status with all the original parts in use. The society also provides education programs when requested by their local schools.

The museum is open July & August.  To visit museum when not open, the contact phone numbers are posted on the door.  

Schedule:  Every 2nd month,
the 2nd Thursday at 7:30 p.m.  February,
April, June, August, October, December. 
Meetings held in museum basement, entrance back door.


Keith Hansen, President    403 364-3768

Carol Sisley, Secretary        403 821 1048

Pat Hoover                            403 364 2168

Tim Schowalter                     403 364 2113


Update: 10/16/23

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